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Writer . Director . Editor


Originally from Hong Kong, David Au is an award-winning filmmaker celebrated for his work in directing, editing, and producing. His queer feature film debut, "Eat With Me," premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and is currently available for streaming on Peacock and Amazon. His most recent short film, "Don't Be Sorry," a face-slapping revenge story confronting the urgent issue of anti-Asian hate, made waves at the Austin Film Festival in 2023.


Beyond directing, David's contributions as a professional editor span narrative and documentary features, music videos, commercials, and trailers, including indie favorites "August" and "The Last Days of Capitalism," as well as "The Last of Us" promos. As an independent producer, he brings compelling stories to life in queer feature films, including "Maybe Someday," "S&M Sally," and the aforementioned "Eat With Me."


A passionate advocate for diversity and representation, David dedicates his career to pushing the boundaries of entertainment. His profound commitment shines through as he actively contributes to the production of authentic LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC stories for both the film and television, ensuring a rich tapestry of narratives that resonates with audiences across the globe.

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